Paramander in short

Our team is specialised in developering custom online solutions. We are your partner in exploring the online potential for your business and realising fitting software solutions.

With blazing fast response times and rock solid security measures in mind we work on large ERP dashboards, applications to automate complex business processes and webshops for processing thousands of orders a week. On a daily basis we love to be busy working on the systems that make your life easier.


Explore what we excel at.

Online payment

Payment services

Safe and secure checkouts and subscriptions, fully PCI compliant. We are experienced with integrating the large diversity of payment methods available to allow for payments world wide. Be it for Shopify stores or fully custom checkout flows, our team is specialised in integrating with populair providers like Stripe and Mollie to achieve the customer experience your service deserves.

Online store

Shopify webshops

Setting up and maintaining a webshop has never been easier. With Shopify we can not only get your store up and running in no time, but our team has extensive knowledge of Shopify's Admin API and Storefront API to provide extensions based on your specific needs. This way we can focus on the custom aspects of your store while you enjoy the rich admin interface already provided by Shopify.

data hosting

Hosting & automation

Every application, website or script needs a place to shine. We provide various solutions to host your software in the best possible way. From clusters to private servers to cloud functions our team has the knowledge to implement an automated test and release flow to make sure your software runs smoothly when it goes live.


Dashboards & backoffices

Behind the scenes your business probably has a lot of very specific processes going on. Those often involve mission critical decisions and large amounts of complex data flows. Our team know exactly how to implement the logic required for optimal and resource efficient processing while also providing you with a structured and intuitive environment to manage everything.

Data process

API integrations

Already using quite a diverse set of software solutions to handle your data but lack the integration to make it work smoothly? Let us help you to bring it all together and optimise your business and/or enhance your applications. With custom middleware and scripts our team is able to combine and transform raw data you already own with external sources to bring it to it's full potential.

Digital content

Websites & portals

You probably want people to get to know you and your business and/or provide your customers/users with an fitting environment to interact with the service(s) you offer. We've been working for 8+ years with pre existing solutions like WordPress & Contentful and custom frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, VueJS and React to build state of the art websites and portals.